Recording Patient Payments

Enter makes it easy and automated to record patient payments over the phone!

The Problem with Collecting Patient Payments Over the Phone

Patient Collections is notoriously difficult in healthcare revenue cycle management. The patient user experience is usually terrible, but so is the Billing Team's experience. When a patient calls the office and wants to simply give a Biller their credit card number, things get messy. Here are a few nagging questions:

  1. Does your billing team have access to a credit card terminal to record the transaction?
  2. Which POS is the biller using?
  3. Is that POS connected to your Billing Module?
  4. Does the POS or your Billing Module know how much the patient responsibility is?
  5. When you do record the patient payment, does it post to the claim?
  6. How much more work does your billing team have to do to post the patient payment to the claim.
  7. Will this show up in your reporting?
  8. Will the patient get a receipt?
  9. Can a payment plan be offered instantly?

Enter's Solution is Easy, Fast, and Automated

In the video below, you will see how easy it is to simply search for a patient, access their payment portal and record the payment via credit card. What is really remarkable is that when that is done, Enter is automatically updated, the payment is posted to the claim and you can go about your day. It's an amazing experience for the patient and your Practice Admin.

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