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The way medical billing should be

Enter gets doctors paid more from insurance carriers while automating patient collections. Just connect your EMR or drag and drop claims; Enter takes care of the rest.

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Why we built Enter

Streamline healthcare billing experience

Medical billing has historically been a nightmare. Our goal is to make your practice efficient, your cash flow predictable and your life easy.


3X More Payer Follow Up

45X Faster
Patient Billing

Enter's A.I. automates patient collections with SMS, email and mail follow ups right after they leave your office.

Enter's A.I. submits claims (electronic and paper) and gets you paid more by using technology to track and automate payer follow up.

Enter's real-time, 24/7 cloud based dashboard centralizes, digitizes and tracks all payments, financials, payer responses.

Streamlined Practice Operations

In just 5 months, Enter enabled Reliant to grow from 1 hospital to 5.

Enter drives faster patient communication and collections.

Reduced Days in Accounts Receivable by 30%

Enter’s healthcare payment platform is a game changer. Enter maximized reimbursement from Payers and let us spend more time caring for patients. We grew from 1 to 4 hospitals in just 5 months!

Shivesh Kumar, MD
Chief Medical Officer

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Enter patients

Enter makes patients’ lives easier by getting patients their bills days after the service, not months. Enter automates patient collection in a white-label, friendly way and helps collect out-of-pocket cost with payment plans. Enter also lets patients view their bills online and stores payment info for easy future transactions.

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Operating a practice has never been easier or more profitable. Enter increases reimbursement and gets patients billed 45x faster.

Every claim, patient, payment and payer is tracked and available 24/7 in Enter's real-time Provider dashboard.

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The best Payers work with Enter to improve their Provider satisfaction, reduce administrative overhead and make healthcare the way it should be.

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100% commitment to healthcare privacy

Enter is designed to meet significant certifications including PCI, HIPAA, and TCPA. PHI is the top priority which is why we ensure end-to-end encryption & strict security policies.

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