Revenue Cycle Management that makes lives better.

Enter's Revenue Cycle Management platform and service is the fastest, smartest and most transparent medical billing service in healthcare.

The Best RCM...
for just 2.9% + $0.30

Revenue Cycle is the worst part of any Provider’s job. Enter’s holistic Revenue Cycle platform and service automates everything to enable providers to operate the best healthcare businesses. 

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  • eMR integration
  • Complete claim creation
  • value based care & Fee for service automation
  • denial & underpayment Surveillance
  • Automation of appeals
  • automation of coordination of benefits
  • automation of patient statements
  • Automation of patient collection
Revenue Cycle Management with Enter
Increase reimbursements by 9%.

Claim A.I. + Enter Revenue Cycle Management creates & manages perfect claims. 

Enter’s Claim A.I. builds the perfect claim every time with our programatic Chargemaster and sends it to the right payer every time with auto-eligibility. 

  • The most accurate claim creation

  • Auto-eligibility: Eligibility check on every claim

  • 24/7 denial surveillance

  • Instant Appeal: appeals sent instantly

Increase patient collections by 10% 

Patient A.I. delivers the best patient experience in Revenue Cycle Management history.

Patients might have the worst user experience in any industry. Enter changes that.

  • Automated statements

  • Simple, beautiful mobile billing

  • Payment plans

  • Patient hub

100% of your data at your fingertips.

Revenue Cycle Management is now completely paperless.

No more biller black box. Know exactly how your organization is performing with robust search, details and data.

  • Beautiful cloud based dashboard.

  • Go paperless - everything is digitized and organized.

  • Robust business intelligence.

Enter is one of the most trusted names in Revenue Cycle Management

Dr. Shivesh kumar MD
Chief Medical Officer

"Enter’s Revenue Cycle Management platform is a game changer. Enter increased our Payer reimbursements. We grew from 1 to 4 hospitals in just 5 months!"

Board of Directors

"Enter is the future of Revenue Cycle Management. We are partnering with Enter and implementing their solutions for a variety of our groups."

CEO DataDx & HPA

"One of the most common frustrations we hear from our clients surrounds medical billing and coding. We are delighted to have been introduced to Enter, who blew our socks off with their fully automated billing solution. "

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