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Flexible pricing plans to meet the needs of any healthcare provider, from startups to enterprises.


Dedicated biller
EMR Integration
Enter API
Static Reports
Eligibility UX
No Seat Limits


All features in Small +
Advanced business intelligence
Multiple states and NPIs
Multiple integrations


All features in Large +
Volume pricing
Self service business intelligence reporting

Pricing Breakdown

To keep your life simple, Enter collects fees in 3 easy and transparent ways.

Monthly Platform Fee

Collection Fee

Passthrough Fees

How Does RCM Pricing Work?

Prices depend on variables such as tiers of service, patient volume, number of locations, claim error rates, and much more. Because of RCM’s inherent complexity, we tailor our prices to fit our clients’ needs on a case by case basis.




Comprehensive security and compliance
Siloed infrastructure for the storage, encryption, decryption and transmission of HIPAA data
HIPAA security and encryption
Enter is certified to the highest industry standards
SOC 2 Compliant
Enter performs annual security, compliance and HIPAA audits each year
Annual Audits
Single Sign On, granular member permissioning, 2 factor authentication with SMS or Google Authenticator
Secure Dashboard access
Enter supports Single Sign On as part of our Large and Enterprise tiers.
Single Sign On
Super Fast Onboarding
Enter will fully manage the integration process during the implementation process. Enter has integrated into nearly every major EMR like eClinicalWorks, Allscripts and many more.
EMR Integration, Implementation, and Consultation
Enter acts as your clearinghouse. We’ve partnered with healthcare’s top clearinghouses to provide maximum electronic connectivity
Go paperless. Enter centralizes, digitizes, and organizes all Payer fax and mail correspondence.
Mail / Fax Lockbox
Enter can integrate and manage multiple integration points with multiple EMRs or other key data sources.
Multiple Integrations
Enter can help practices and groups manage and unify multiple states, billing NPIs and TINs for Large and Enterprise plans
Multiple states NPIs
Contract Manager
Enter’s system stores, manages and analyzes every Payer Contract’s fee schedule
State of the Art Contract Manager
Fee for service, Value Based Care, Self Pay, Employer Payments
Every Contract Type
Customize how Enter works with every payer like self-pay discounts or employer payments. Customizable Contract Behaviors
Customizable Contract Behaviors
Enter’s Chargemaster is customizable to work with every modifier pair. Chargemaster Management
Chargemaster Management
Fastest and Most Accurate Claims - Guaranteed
Enter can send claims to any Payer on Earth
100% Payer Connectivity
Instant claim creation with perfect data transfer from your EMR
Programatic and Customizable Claim Creation
Claims created without error automatically
AI powered claim scrubber
Enter runs a real time eligibility check on every claim to deliver to the right Payer, mapped to the right plan
Real time eligibility
Instant, Accurate Payment Posting
AI powered EOB posting
Instant ERA & EOB Reconciliation
Enter finds every dollar, even if the Payer’s adjudication system sends invalid ERAs or EOBs
Enter’s Adjudication Algorithm
Every payer payment is analyzed against the Payer Contract to ensure adjudication was accurate
Payments analyzed against the Payer’s Contract
Every payment is tracked and linked to the claim and at your fingertips in the Dashboard and Reporting
Payment Organization
Denial Management
Every payment is compared against your contract in real time
Real-time Underpayment / Denial Analysis
Enter is able to programmatically generate and send medical records, appeals and reconsiderations to any payer via Mail and Fax
Denial AI
Many denials need specific research. Enter’s team will call payers and perform the research to solve the root of the denial
Manual Research
Every appeal and reconsideration is tracked and analyzed for performance
Appeal Tracking
Perfect Patient Payments
Patients receive their invoice instantly after a claim is adjudicated. Customize drip campaigns
SMS, Email & Patient Statements
Patients can call, email or text to understand their bill
Front line Patient Support
Patients can easily pay on the phone or by calling
Patient Mobile Checkout
Capture patient Co-Pays with Enter’s payment terminal and automate post-adjudication payments and refunds
Automate refunds and collections with Enter’s POS Terminal
Real-time RCM business intelligence dashboard. Financial reports, RCM operations, A/R reports, Payer Mix, Denial Analysis, and more
Real-time reporting
Filter reports across all the different plans, providers, patients, and more
Robust Filtering and Customization
Connect your bank account to Enter and we will run reports that map your Payer Payments to your bank records
Payment to Bank Reconciliation Reports
Enter will send month-end, static financial reports to make accounting’s life easy
Monthly Static Financial Reports
Enterprise plan customers get access to their own, fully configurable business intelligence suite to develop their own custom dashboards.
Self-service Reporting Suite
Your Practice... Paperless
Enter programmatically sends outgoing mail and fax and links to each claim
Mail and Fax Send
All incoming mail and fax is processed, scanned, OCR’d and linked to each claim
Mail and Fax Receiving
Enter converts every EOB into an ERA. 100% of the EOB data is parsed and tracked
AI EOB Parser
Access your Dashboards, or real time business intelligence any time
24x7 Access
Credentialing, Contracting, Consulting
Leverage any of Enter’s RCM Subject Matter Experts to help you improve your practice
RCM Consultation
Leverage any of Enter’s healthcare engineering experts to help you improve your technology stack
Engineering / Integration Consultation
Access Enter’s team of FTEs to help augment your staff
Staff Augmentation
White Glove Service
Our team is here to help over email, phone, or chat
9–5 support
Chat with our engineering team in your dedicated ClickUp portal to help solve any integration and API issues
Technical support
Understand RCM like never before with Enter’s documentation and RCM guides
Robust documentation
Your Enter Rep will guide you and your team through the complexities of Healthcare Billing.
In depth training
Enter will sign Service Level Agreements for Enterprise plans.
Service-Level Agreements
Powerful RCM API
Use our JSON endpoint to easily create and send claims to any Payer. Get claim status and claim responsibilities
Create claims
Get adjudication responses and payment details with a simple call
Payer Adjudication and Payments
Initiate patient collections and pull patient information easily
Patients Payments
Run eligibility checks and pull complete data easily

We Love What Our Clients Say

Brad M. Isaacson, PhD, MBA

COO of Tellica Imaging, an Intermountain Healthcare Company
Our partnership with Enter Health has been incredible. I continue to marvel at their expertise, attentiveness, and customer service. Enter Health is an invaluable part of revenue cycle management and organization.

Kate Othus

CEO, DataDx & HPA
One of the most common frustrations we hear from our clients surrounds medical billing and coding. We are delighted to have been introduced to Enter, who blew our socks off with their fully automated billing solution.

Tod Bunker

U.S. Women's Health Alliance
Enter is the future of Revenue Cycle Management. We are partnering with Enter and implementing their solutions for a variety of our groups.

Andy Gabel

President of Gabel Distributors
Enter is like magic. We have been working with them for years and Enter has gotten us paid more, faster from insurance and patients.

Brian Bacot, MD

CEO, Orthopedic Surgeon of Comprehensive Orthopedic Global
Enter built the Holy Grail for healthcare providers. We love their technology, the transparency, and the speed.

Brittany Wierzba

Chief Clinical Officer at Answers Now
Now that we have completed the onboarding process and are fully live, our team is incredibly happy with the choice we made. The Enter team has been supportive and responsive, and for the first time in years we feel confident in our RCM.

Clay Spence

CEO of Nimbus Health
After a thorough review of our revenue cycle management options, Enter was the obvious choice. We've thoroughly enjoyed working with Jordan, Andrew and the rest of the Enter team, and would highly recommend Enter to any company looking for an alternative to wildly expensive, native EHR billing solutions.

Heather Hagg

SVP of Clinical Operations at Parsley Health
Enter's proactive approach to identifying and resolving claim issues, coupled with their unwavering commitment to staying at the forefront of AI and healthcare revenue cycle trends, has made them an invaluable extension of our team.

Blake Wehman

Founder, CEO of Remission Medical
As an early stage, digital health company delivering virtual rheumatology services, we knew we needed a partner we could trust & collaborate with to grow and succeed. We owe much of our early success in being able to frictionlessly submit claims (with direct integration from our EMR) to our payer contracts.

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