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Supercharged revenue cycle management

As low as
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The average revenue cycle management companies charge between 5-12%
  • Superpower your RCM
  • Increase reimbursements
  • Unlimited claim processing
  • No minimums
  • No monthly fees

Enter Factor

Insurance claims paid in 24-48 hours

per successful factored claim
(based on days outstanding)
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The average medical factoring companies charge 5-25%
  • Claims paid in 24 hours
  • Up to 80% of the claim amount
  • Automatic reconciliation

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Automate patient out-of-pocket collection process

As low as
per successful
patient collection
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The average patient collection
companies charge 5-10%
  • Real time transparent patient communication with SMS, email, and letters
  • Patients get billed 24 hours after submitting superbill
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Enter Claims & Collect work best together.

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Centralized Dispute System

Manage all of your patient and payer communication in your Enter dashboard.

Business Intelligence Dashboard

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Frequently asked questions

How can I keep track of submitted claims?

Each client has access to their own, personalized, cloud-based portal, which includes claim tracking, payments and messaging.

Can patients contact Enter directly with questions?

Yes, patients can reach Enter’s support team via e-mail at or by calling (855) 777-4853.

What kind of reports can I run?

Through your client portal, you able to run claim, transaction, and revenue reports. These reports allow you to analyze claim submissions and payer responses, as well as track the deposits and withdrawals from your bank account.

Does Enter post payments based on the date the ERA is received or the deposit date?

Enter posts payments based on ERA dates. We are happy to submit EFT enrollments for any clients that are receiving paper checks from payers to further expedite the payment process.

How does Enter deposit and withdraw money from my bank account?

Practices either grant Enter access to its operating account or a secondary business account to advance and withdraw capital.

How do I get my claims to Enter?

There are two ways that we get claims from our clients.
1. Simply give Enter access to the practice’s PM/EMR system and we can pull and push the data directly from there.
2. Enter can work with your EMR provider to do an HL7 integration.

How do I know if my Practice Management system can produce a CMS-1500 or CMS-1450 claim in the proper format?

If you are unsure of what format your PM can produce a Professional (CMS-1500) or Institutional (CMS-1450) claim, please contact us for a no-fee, no obligation evaluation.

How does Enter get me paid MORE?

Enter's A.I. medical billing platform automates the claim creation and submission process. Enter codes, bills and submits the cleanest claims. Enter's A.I. payer follow up engine ensures the maximum reimbursement for each claim - if a claim is denied or underpaid, Enter automates the payer follow up process with a 3-step escalation path. Enter sends 3x more follow ups than industry average.

What does Enter’s analysis consist of?

Enter’s patent-pending analysis consists of a series of touch-points including, but not limited to, an in-network or out-of-network analysis, patient eligibility, usual and customary rates (UCR), practice location, adjudicated claims data, clearinghouse benchmarks, and more.

How does Enter get paid?

Enter charges a flat-fee percent of collections. After Enter advances money on a practice’s claim, Enter submits the claim to the payer and follows the claim throughout the claim’s lifecycle (request for additional verification, denial management, claim negotiation, etc.).  When the claim is ultimately paid by the payer and monies deposited into the practice’s account, Enter withdraws its advanced capital plus its fee, which is generally between 5% - 9% depending on the specialty and practice volume.

For example, let’s say Enter charges a client a 6% fee on its collections.  Enter receives a claim from practice with charges that total $100.00.  Enter calculates that the payer will pay 80% of the claim.  Enter advances $80.00 into the practice’s bank account within 24 hours of receiving the claim and then submits the claim to the payer.  Then, 30-60-90+ days later, when the payer actually deposits the money into the practice’s bank account, Enter recovers its capital ($80.00) plus the 6% fee. If the payer reimburses the claim at 100%, and deposits $100.00 into the practice’s account, Enter recovers $86.00 ($80.00 + plus $6.00 (6% of $100.00).

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100% commitment to healthcare privacy

Enter is designed to meet significant certifications including PCI, HIPAA, and TCPA. PHI is the top priority which is why we ensure end-to-end encryption & strict security policies.

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