We are super excited to share Enter’s EOB Reader. This is one of Enter’s first major Machine Learning endeavors and it solves a major problem. Millions of hours are spent by healthcare staff manually reading and recording payments from EOBs. It's an awful job that no one wants to do.

The Problem with EOBs

EOBs are a miserable part of the healthcare universe.

If a provider is not enrolled into ERAs with a Payer, that Payer will send paper EOBs. These EOBs are a huge pain to organize, record and reconcile. Recording 1 payment from an EOB will take 20 - 30 minutes. Because of this time suck, 99% of Providers will never record all of the data in the EOB. Most will do the bare minimum and just record the date of payment and the payment amount. This leaves an enormous amount of data on the table:

  • Allowed amounts.
  • Patient responsibility amounts.
  • Service line item adjudication breakdowns.
  • Remark and denial codes.
  • Check number (for reconciling).

Without this data, it is nearly impossible to have successful appeals or reconsiderations.

The Solution

Enter's EOB Reader uses machine learning to scan a PDF EOB and generate all of the data in a matter of seconds. Enter’s EOB Parser is only available for Enter clients as part of the RCM platform.

Enter's machine learning EOB Reader


Enter is able to convert an EOB into an ERA with 99% accurate data in under 15 seconds.

This is only the beginning. We're really looking forward to making the EOB Reader more widely accessible. If you're interested in learning more, please reach out to sales@enter.health.

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