95% Claim Accuracy

  • Accurate Claims

    With Claim A.I. Enter delivers the most accurate claims.

  • Or your money back

    Receive Service Credits for any inaccurate claims.*
    *requires a complete tune up

1 minute claim creation

  • Fastest Claims

    Enter gets claims billed and submitted in 1 minute.

  • Or your money back

    Receive Service Credits for any claim over 1 minute*.
    *requires a complete tune up

The Cashflow Protection Program

Revenue Cycle is the worst part of any Provider’s job. Enter’s holistic Revenue Cycle platform and service brings everything together to operate the best healthcare businesses. 
What healthcare verticals does Enter work in?
What claim types does Enter support?
Which Payers does Enter support?
How many people do I need to manage Enter?
  • Enter covers the difference of any cashflow slippage during your first 3 months  transitioning from your previous biller
  • enter pays for Any claims that do not meet the estimated reimbursement
  • enter recoups funds once they've been collected
  • settlements are schedule to occur on a monthly basis
  • terms and conditions apply