Insurance Credentialing done right.

Enter's insurance credentialing and enrollment process will have your practice accepting insurance in no time.


Our team of credentialing experts will guide you through every step of the process. Be ready to move fast.

Data Driven

Enter takes a data driven and software approach to getting clients credentialed fast, the first time.

Amazing Results

Clients are blown away by the speed and efficacy of Enter's credentialing process.

Enter Credentialing Package

Enter's process to get you credentialed in 3-6 months.
Initial Consultation
Data Organization, Review, CAQH & Database Management.
Payer Outreach and Application Management
Completion & Future Management
Ongoing Maintenance
  • Includes 12 provider insurance panels
  • credentialing, panel contracting/application
  • Government and commercial payers
  • CAQH Database Management
  • must select all panels in first 3 months. Ongoing Maintenance automatically begins on the earlier date of completion of credentialing or month 6.

Additional Credentialing Services


Ongoing maintenance.
$150 per Rendering Provider NPI per month.
Maintenance of CAQH
Uploading new documents
Revalidation processing

A La Carte

Single payer pricing.
$150 per commercial panel
$300 per governmental panel
CAQH: $95 per Rendering Provider NPI
Maintenance: $25 per provider per month


Add or update address.
Commercial: $45 per Billing NPI per Panel.
Government: $185 per Billing NPI per Panel.

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