The Revenue Cycle built for Value Based Care

Enter's Revenue Cycle Management platform and service is capable of managing and maximizing all payer contracts.

Enter for Value Based Care works for all Providers.

Enter's implementation process and platform can handle all contracts.

Value Based Chargemaster


Fee for

Case Rates


Enter Superior Service Guarantee

The fastest and most accurate claims governed by the most transparent platform.

95% Claim Accuracy

  • Accurate Claims

    With Claim A.I. Enter delivers the most accurate claims.

  • Or your money back

    Receive Service Credits for any inaccurate claims.*
    *Requires complete onboarding tune up

1 minute claim creation

  • Fastest Claims

    Enter gets claims billed and submitted in 48 hours.

  • Or your money back

    Receive Service Credits for any claims submitted over 1 min.*
    *Requires complete onboarding tune up

Enter one of the most trusted names in Revenue Cycle Management

Dr. Shivesh kumar MD
Chief Medical Officer

"Enter’s healthcare payment platform is a game changer. Enter maximized reimbursement from Payers and let us spend more time caring for patients. We grew from 1 to 4 hospitals in just 5 months!"

Board of Directors

"Enter is the future of Revenue Cycle Management. We are partnering with Enter and implementing their solutions for a variety of our groups."

CEO DataDx & HPA

"One of the most common frustrations we hear from our clients surrounds medical billing and coding. We are delighted to have been introduced to Enter, who blew our socks off with their fully automated billing solution. "

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