Enter's new Patient Portal is live! Never before has it been easier to install patient payments or easier for your patients to pay.

The Problem

Collecting from patients is always a difficult endeavor. Where do they go to pay? They get a statement in the mail, but when they want to go to your website, things can get tricky.

Most patient portals are clunky, hard to use, and are poorly integrated into the billing software. This makes it hard for practice administrators to reconcile their payments and post them to the correct claim.

Enter's Solution

Enter's Patient Portal offers providers a white label webpage to direct their patients to pay for any out of pocket costs.

Beautifully Simple: Patient’s simply go to your website, click "Pay My Bill", input their invoice number and birthday and pay.

Fully Integrated: All patient payments are tracked, recorded and searchable in your Enter Cloud. Also - payment methods are securely stored for easy future payments.

Secure: The Patient Portal is 100% HIPAA compliant and payments are secure.

We are so excited to offer this to the healthcare community and to all Enter clients. This is also just the beginning for Patient products - we have a lot of fun features coming for 2022! 

Need help setting up your Patient Portal? Please reach out to sales@enter.health.

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