Enter's Revenue Cycle Gets Providers Paid More, Faster

Enter’s Claim A.I. builds the perfect claim every time with our programatic Chargemaster and ensures it goes to the right payer every time with auto-eligibility. 
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With Enter, Healthcare Providers Can Operate Their Entire Revenue Cycle With Just One Practice Administrator

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Operational Excellence

Data Driven

Enter's implementation process will take Practices to a fully data driven and automatic revenue cycle.



Ensure that practices are error free and fast. Enter's guarantee SLA's ensure 95% claim accuracy and under 48 hour claim submissions.

Unrivaled Reporting

True Transparency

Enter Providers manage their entire practice from the Enter Dashboard. No mail, no fax, no paper - Enter removes paper and paperwork.


Reduce HIPAA Risk

Revenue Cycle poses one of the largest HIPAA compliance risks. Enter reduced HIPAA risk significantly with true encryption and best in class data practices.

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Take Your RCM to Elite Levels in Just 60 Days

Enter's implementation process increases reimbursements by at least 5%.

EMR Integration

Chargemaster Creation

Credentialing & Contracting

Payer Mapping

White-label Patient Collection

Enter's Automated Revenue Cycle Platform

Revenue Cycle is the worst part of any Provider’s job. Enter’s holistic Revenue Cycle platform and service automates everything to enable providers to operate the best healthcare businesses.

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What claim types does Enter support?

Which Payers does Enter support?

How many people do I need to manage Enter?

Enter Platform

98% Automation

Out of the box

  • EMR integration
  • Complete claim creation
  • Value based care & fee for service automation
  • Denial & underpayment surveillance
  • Automation of appeals
  • Automation of coordination of benefits
  • Automation of patient statements
  • Automation of patient collection
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We Love What Our Clients Say

Brad M. Isaacson, PhD, MBA

COO of Tellica Imaging, an Intermountain Healthcare Company
Our partnership with Enter Health has been incredible. I continue to marvel at their expertise, attentiveness, and customer service. Enter Health is an invaluable part of revenue cycle management and organization.

Kate Othus

CEO, DataDx & HPA
One of the most common frustrations we hear from our clients surrounds medical billing and coding. We are delighted to have been introduced to Enter, who blew our socks off with their fully automated billing solution.

Tod Bunker

U.S. Women's Health Alliance
Enter is the future of Revenue Cycle Management. We are partnering with Enter and implementing their solutions for a variety of our groups.

Andy Gabel

President of Gabel Distributors
Enter is like magic. We have been working with them for years and Enter has gotten us paid more, faster from insurance and patients.

Brian Bacot, MD

CEO, Orthopedic Surgeon of Comprehensive Orthopedic Global
Enter built the Holy Grail for healthcare providers. We love their technology, the transparency, and the speed.

Brittany Wierzba

Chief Clinical Officer at Answers Now
Now that we have completed the onboarding process and are fully live, our team is incredibly happy with the choice we made. The Enter team has been supportive and responsive, and for the first time in years we feel confident in our RCM.

Clay Spence

CEO of Nimbus Health
After a thorough review of our revenue cycle management options, Enter was the obvious choice. We've thoroughly enjoyed working with Jordan, Andrew and the rest of the Enter team, and would highly recommend Enter to any company looking for an alternative to wildly expensive, native EHR billing solutions.

Heather Hagg

SVP of Clinical Operations at Parsley Health
Enter's proactive approach to identifying and resolving claim issues, coupled with their unwavering commitment to staying at the forefront of AI and healthcare revenue cycle trends, has made them an invaluable extension of our team.

Blake Wehman

Founder, CEO of Remission Medical
As an early stage, digital health company delivering virtual rheumatology services, we knew we needed a partner we could trust & collaborate with to grow and succeed. We owe much of our early success in being able to frictionlessly submit claims (with direct integration from our EMR) to our payer contracts.