Revenue cycle management is notoriously difficult. Managing and analyzing enormous sets of data, managing hundreds of insurance carriers who each adjudicate claims differently, managing electronic remittance advice (ERAs) or explanations of benefits (EOBs), posting payments and more is manual, tedious and exhausting. 

Enter’s revenue cycle management technology and platform was built to get Providers paid more by automating and solving some of the most challenging aspects of medical billing. The healthcare infrastructure and insurance carriers make it very challenging to manage claims and patient collections leading to providers of all shapes and sizes requiring manual intervention and real human attention. Enter combines the best Revenue Cycle Management platform with White Glove service to manage everything from medical records retrieval all the way through management reporting. 

When software & service meet. 

We believe that when amazing software and white glove service are paired, providers thrive. While Enter’s platform delivers the fastest, most accurate, and most transparent Revenue Cycle, Enter’s service team provides a white glove and highly communicative experience that gets Providers paid more.

Each Enter client receives a dedicated Solution Executive which is their direct point of contact. In addition to weekly, monthly and quarterly check-in calls, Clients can always email, text or call their Solution Executive or the Enter support team. Additionally, clients get direct access to a subject matter expert biller who has at least 10 years experience billing with that particular specialty. Finally, providers and Enter support agents will always leverage our secure and integrated messaging center that enable parties to quickly exchange data and resolve potential issues that may be required for the complete processing of a claim. Enter’s messaging center isn’t just fast and efficient, but it is HIPAA compliant and dramatically reduces risk of violations.  


One of the largest problems with outsourced billing companies and even in house teams is the lack of transparency and availability of data. With Enter’s dashboard along with the reporting suite, providers have unprecedented transparency with each and every claim. Providers can easily search for any claim, guarantor, provider or location to find any claim and understand where that claim is at in its’ lifecycle. 

Additionally, with Enter’s Business Intelligence suite, providers can deeply understand their practice and leverage data to improve their operations and negotiate better contracts with their Payers. 


Enter’s team of specialists have decades of experience developing some of the most sophisticated revenue cycle infrastructures for major health systems and provider groups throughout the United States. Our team is there to advise you on payer contracts, in network vs out of network strategies, and value based care. We don’t just help you get paid more with your in network and out of network claims, but we are also here to help you leverage your data and performance to negotiate better contracts with your payers. 


During the implementation phase, our team will work with you to develop your chargemaster, connect each payer electronically for ERAs and EFTs, integrate with your EMR (free of charge), develop your white labeled patient collection statements and communication methods, and train your team on how to get the most out of the Enter dashboard and reporting suite. 

End Game

Our goal is to take Providers into the cutting edge of healthcare operations. Providers who follow Enter’s process are faster, more accurate, deliver a better patient experience, and increase their reimbursement by at least 10%.

Revenue Cycle Management

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