Single Sign On (SSO) has been one of our most requested Enterprise features. Today, we are happy to announce that SSO is live on Enter.

You’ll notice that we’ve simplified Enter’s login page. Simply enter in your email and Enter will guide you to either login with your email and password or through single sign on.

Why SSO?

Enter is hyper focused on delivering best-in-industry security and compliance and password management is always top of mind. In any given healthcare organization, employees need to maintain a different set of credentials for every app they use, posing a serious security problem from managing multiple credentials. Moreover, employees are now expected to access these apps from different locations, be it from their office or at home, or in public areas, increasing the likelihood of security issues.

  • Avoid password breaches
  • Remove the need of a “forgotten password” flow
  • Immediately expire links after they are first clicked

What is Single Sign-On (SSO)?

Single sign-On (SSO) is a centralized session and user authentication service in which one set of login credentials can be used to access multiple applications including email, tools for marketing, analytics, project management, data storage and so on.

SSO on Enter

Enter supports over 28 providers to sign in with.

Enter Single Sign-On supports 28 major identity providers to date. For example, if you have Google Workspace, you can log-in to Enter using your Workspace credentials. Or, if you have Microsoft Teams, you can log-in with your Teams credentials.

Google Authenticator Added

Clients can now use Google Authenticator instead of SMS for the 2-factor authentication. Google Authenticator is an iPhone or Android app that you can download to generate 2 factor authentication codes. It is easy to use and can be much more reliable than SMS.

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