We've updated the look and feel of our patient statements. Patient Statements are an integral part of Revenue Cycle Management. However, they've always been super complicated, hard to understand and really slow. With Enter's automated Patient Statements, patients receive their bill days after the payer had adjudicated the claim.

Our updated Patient Statements still have all of the bells and whistles but with a fresh coat of paint!

  • White label client branding.
  • Beautiful, friendly summary page.
  • QR code payment links.
  • Perforated page with the ability to pay by check, credit card. Patients can even use this to reply with updated insurance.
  • Timeline of payments and past visits.
  • Fully itemized invoices with payment links.

Let's take a tour.

Welcome Page

This is the first page of the Patient Statement. It has a friendly welcome message along with an easy to read summary of the bill. Patients can quickly understand how much they owe and they can scan the QR code with their phone to access their payment portal.

Enter's patient summary page.


With the timeline, patients can easily understand all of the past invoices sent to them. This helps patients remember when they received their last invoice and if it was paid.

Enter's Patient Statement Timeline View


Enter will attach each unpaid invoice along with all of the service lines, provider information and patient information. As always, we are keeping summary information up top with easy pay QR codes.

Enter's Patient invoice page.

As with everything in Enter, we strive for speed and accuracy, powered by automation and deep data excellence. Each Patient Statement is automatically generated post-adjudication in seconds and mailed to the patient instantly.

No more confused patient phone calls and no more bad patient debt. 🚀

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