Enter is on a mission to automate healthcare payments.

Today, the process of creating claims, billing insurance and managing the patient collection process is at best 30% - 40% automated. Imagine running a business in 2020 like that!

This lack of automation leads to inefficiency, waste, lost revenue, bad patient experience and so much pain.

Paper is a key contributor to this automation problem. Paper is miserable. Paper increases risk of HIPAA violations. Paper gets lost. Paper is bad for the environment. Paper needs file cabinets. File cabinets need storage rooms. Storage rooms are bad for you and your team's sanity.

Enter makes healthcare paperless.

Enter's automated healthcare payment platform means that provider's can finally go paperless.

📠 Fax and Mail

The Enter HIPAA compliant Fax and Mail Room automatically scans all of your mail and faxes and organizes them in each claim timeline. That means any EoB or Payer correspondence will be searchable and viewable in Enter. Any correspondence needed for appeals will also found in the claim.

No more file cabinets. No more stacks of paper.

🧾 Patient Invoices and Communication

Enter automates patient communication. All of your patient invoices, letters, SMSs, & emails are all logged, linked and stored in each claim timeline.

⚙️ Machine Learning Organization

Enter uses Machine Learning and Optical Character Recognition to scan your mail and link it with its' corresponding claim. This is extremely helpful for payer correspondence like EoBs, denial letters or requests for additional information.

✅ 100% HIPAA Compliant

Enter takes enormous pride in ensuring that our providers maintain 100% HIPAA compliant. Enter BAA vendors and partners must adhere to the highest of data privacy standards and go through rigorous diligence.

Revenue Cycle Management

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