Enter's goal is to get Providers paid more for all of their insurance claims and patient collections. We believe that the most important step in order to accomplish that goal is to ensure that all data is organized, tracked and available in real time. This ensures transparency, accountability but most importantly this ensures that no claim or patient collection is ever left behind.

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Want to know why there is no transparency in healthcare? Because the data is a mess.

Data lives in so many systems. Electronic Medical Record systems (EMRs), Practice Management Systems (PMs), claim clearinghouses, in-house teams, outsourced medical billers, stacks of paper, stacks of letters, fax machines, ERAs, EOBs, EFTs, checks and more.

The data isn't organized and certainly doesn't reconcile: Superbills, doctor notes, patient demographics, payer information, provider information, claims, CPTs, ICDs, claim submissions, payer correspondence (electronic and mail), reconsiderations, appeals, further payer correspondence, then patient communication.

Like we said... there is a lot of data, and it is all over the place. Until now...

Enter Dashboard: All your healthcare data in one place.

Enter Dashboard: All your healthcare data in one place.

In order to achieve the mission of getting Doctors paid more, we had to organize all healthcare data into a beautiful, simple and powerful platform. The first thing Providers touch is their real-time dashboard which is the one stop shop to access all of their practice's information.

Enter makes it easy to track claims, volume, payments, payer mix, AR and so much more.

Enter Claims & Claim Details

Imagine a file cabinet with every single claim and all of its' corresponding information: patient charts, demographic info, payer communications, EOBs, copies of checks, faxes, letters, etc...

That is basically what Enter is, but 100% digital, searchable and updated in real time.

We wanted to make sure that every piece of data was organized into its' corresponding claim. Patient and insured information, each service line item and every single activity that has happened. Enter tracks and organizes claim submission, payer responses (mail, electronic and fax), payments (checks and EFTs). Your Enter Claim Timeline even has appeals that were submitted to the payer.

Revenue Cycle Management

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