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Enter Business FAQ

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Enter gets health insurance claims submitted and paid in 24 hours while automatically communicating and collecting patient responsibility. Enter is 30x faster at getting claims paid and 45x faster at getting patients billed at the same cost as existing medical billers. Here's a 1 Minute Enter Product Video to show you how it works.

Enter is driven my our mission to get Providers paid faster than anyone on Earth.

Enter is a full medical billing suite that is simple and incredibly fast. Simply drag and drop your claims into your Enter dashboard or work with one of our team members to connect your practice management system.
5 Easy Steps to Get Started in Under 10 Minutes
1. Go to and click “Get Started for Free” and sign up.
2. Fill out the Enter application with your business's information. Click “Add a bank account.” Enter deposits money every business day.
3. Link your Debit Card or Bank Account for daily deposits.
4. Click “Collect” on the side bar, then click bulk upload. This allows you to upload a spreadsheet (.csv) of your past-due bills to Enter.
5. Enter now gets to work. All you have to do is sit back, relax and watch the money come in
When do my funds arrive?
Enter deposits your funds every business day. Once you've linked up your bank account or your debit card, the revenue the Enter has recovered will be deposited less our fee.

How do I link a bank account?
You can either link a bank account or connect a debit card. To link a bank account, go to your dashboard and click "Link My Bank Account."
Now, you can either select to link a Bank Account or a Debit Card:
Once you've linked your Bank Account or Debit Card, you can easily upload a list of your past due accounts and recover your revenue.