Enter makes paying healthcare bills easy

Enter works with doctors to save you money and make your life easier.

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enter keeps people out of harms way

We work for you.

Enter's mission is to keep people out of collections by helping doctors compassionately collect from their patients.

get bills delivered your way

Pay your bills faster.

Enter sends your bills via SMS, email, regular mail and will call you to follow up. Our goal is to help patients pay and stay out of collections.

If you find an error - just reply to the text. Enter's team of mediators are here to help you.


Interest-Free Payment Plans

Enter works with doctors, hospitals, dentists and more to allow you to pay your bill with an interest-free payment plan.

easy to use and secure? whoa.

Seriously secure payments.

Checkout with ease and take comfort in the security of SMS payment confirmation. Safely store payment methods and track your transaction history.

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